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Overview of HARADA

Overview of HARADA


HARADA serves all major vehicle manufacturers worldwide with an established footprint that includes more than 14 locations in 9 countries. These locations not only serve their local area, but also form cross-regional sales (CRS) teams to strengthen cross-border collaboration, enabling us to uniformly serve every market with our quality services.

▪Research and Development

HARADA studies breakthrough technologies and develops industry-leading products. Additionally, every research center is armed with sufficient measuring equipment, enabling measurements using actual vehicles, when needed, in large anechoic chambers and open sites. Our global R&D network also covers all the technology units at our plants and as a result, HARADA is capable to deliver an array of options to our customers ranging from low cost to high performance for global, entry-level platforms, or luxury vehicles.


To offer uniform quality products from our production sites in China (Dalian and Shanghai), the Philippines, Mexico and Vietnam, we have been continuously standardizing production processes as well as establishing strict quality management systems. In procuring components and materials, we are increasing local purchases by seeking best quality and competitive pricing.

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