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Corporate Governance

Risk Management

With the aim to enforce the crisis management system of the Group as a whole, we launched the Risk Management Committee, chaired by the representative director, serving as an organization to promote activities toward preventing risks and mitigating damages in the event that they do occur. We also established an Internal Control Subcommittee and Compliance Subcommittee as subordinate bodies.

The Internal Control Subcommittee aims to enhance internal control operations and frameworks in relation to financial reporting. The Compliance Subcommittee strives to eradicate actions that are suspicious in terms of legality, and in the event that an issue does arise, the subcommittee cooperates with the Risk Management Committee, which is the parent organization, to reinforce control functions based on the acknowledgement that it is vital to establish a framework that deals adequately with such risks, and also oversees the internal whistleblowing system.

The Risk Management Committee presides over the subcommittees and monitors and deals with companywide risks, affiliate companies included, associated to internal control and compliance. Auditors attend board meetings and other meetings as necessary as an independent party and monitor directors' performance of duties and compliance statuses.

Internal Auditing regularly carries out operational audits of each division, consolidated subsidiaries etc. concerning compliance, effectiveness of internal control, risk management and other matters. In addition, when it is necessary to make legal decisions, the Company's advisory lawyer is consulted as necessary in order to ensure that management is controlled from a legal perspective.

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