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Overview of HARADA

Overview of HARADA

HARADA is an automotive antenna supplier specialist.
We design, manufacture and deliver automotive antenna systems.

▪Product Competitiveness

HARADA, as a supplier specialist of automotive antenna, is relentlessly developing products ahead of industrial trend. We are also striving to improve existing products, in addition to enhancing cost competitiveness.

Furthermore, we emphasize to stabilizing production as well as supply system through establishing quality management and supply chain.

▪Servicing Capabilities

HARADA will continually improve the capability for proposing the products and providing the informative insight by improving the capability in analysis as well as research and planning. We will also continue to challenge new things and offer "newness."

HARADA maximizes synergy of the entire Group,
capitalizing our strength in global coverages.

▪HARADA's global footprint continues to grow

HARADA, with its global network yet expanding, operates in 10 offices in 9 countries excluding Japan. The three functions - R&D, production and sales– are well-established in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

▪Steps toward a global solution provider

We are evolving to build and secure strong relationships with customers by offering solutions best suited for their global needs. At the same time, we ourselves are currently taking big steps to become a global solution provider, a leading global company in the field of automotive antenna.

▪Targets (at the end of March 2019)

Net Sales
Over 45 billion yen
Operating Income Margin
Over 10.0%
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