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Period of Foundation  1947〜1960

In 1947, Jiro Harada founded HARADA ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan. In 1957, we developed the "Lock Antenna" and the following year, HARADA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was incorporated as an automotive antenna supplier.

HARADA's logo at the time of our founding

Period of Growth I  1960〜1970

Early in the 1960s, we developed magnet antenna and motorized antenna, and later in the decade set up the Osaka Office as well as MATSUKAWA HARADA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Iwate, Japan) as foundations for further growth.

Motorized antenna

Period of Growth II  1970〜1995

From the 1970s to the 1990s, we developed a wide range of new product including citizen band (CB) antennas, new rack-and-pinion type motorized antennas, mobile phone antennas, and GPS antennas for automobiles. We expanded our global footprint, inluding the US, Mexico and the UK.


Period of Leaping-Forward  1995〜2010

In 1995, the stock was registered at the Securities Dealers Association of Japan, currently JASDAQ, for over-the-counter trading. Later in the 1990s, our global network further expanded with new facilities set up in Asian nations, such as Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.


Period of Innovation  2010〜Present

A variety of measures have been promoted, aiming to build a solid management base. In 2010, HARADA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD.'s Niigata Plant and Iwate Plant were consolidated into Niigata Plant. In 2012, HARADA acquired the automotive antenna business and subsidiaries outside Japan from NIPPON ANTENNA CO., LTD. in order to enhance our overall competitiveness. We also succeeded in developing the world's first fin type antenna with radio function.

Fin type antenna