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About Auto Industry

The auto industry can be described as a key industrial segment supporting global economies, including that of Japanese, in terms of both the number of employees in relevant areas and its composition of the entire industry.

Automotive components range widely, from engines to brakes, hydraulic pressure systems, springs, glass, audio systems, lamps and mirrors, and all suppliers of these components are contributing to the growth of auto industry with their proprietary technologies. HARADA, as an automotive antenna supplier specialist, is also playing a key role in the industry.

Globally, automobile production is sure to increase steadily in the future, while that in Japan has unfortunately been following weaker trends every year with production continuing to shift overseas. Namely, emerging nations, including BRICs and ASEAN countries, have become big markets. Meanwhile, in developed markets, eco-friendly vehicles, such as hybrid and electric vehicles, are gaining popularity. In addition, it is foreseen that development of safe, efficient and comfortable vehicles will be gaining momentum, supported by the advance in communication technology called Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Given these directions in the coming years toward production shifts overseas and evolution of vehicles, current business environments are working as a tail wind for HARADA, a unique and specialized supplier of automotive antennas with a comprehensive a global network incomparable to our rivals.