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*Including multi-band antennas

◆ Analog Radio

  • Frequencies for AM radio: 526.5?1606.5kHz in Japan; 148.5?283.5kHz in Europe and other regions
  • Frequencies for FM radio: 76.1-89.9MHz in Japan; 47-108MHz (mainly 87.5-108MHz) in Europe and other regions

◆ Digital Radio

  • Frequencies for SiriusXM radio: 2320-2345MHz
  • Frequencies for DAB radio: Although the frequencies differ among countries, all frequencies are supported.
  • Frequencies for DRM radio: 148.5kHz-30MHz, 47-230MHz
    *HD radio can be supported by the antennas for analog radio.

◆ GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

  • The antennas receive location information of GPS and other systems, that support GNSSs including GPS, GLONASS and COMPASS (Beidou).
  • Although the frequencies differ among GNSSs, all GNSSs can be supported.

◆ Mobile Communication System

  • The antennas receive and send car information using mobile networks.
  • The frequencies differ among countries.
    700MHz band, 800MHz band, 900MHz band, 1.5GHz band, 1.7GHz band, 2GHz band, 2.5GHz band, 3.5GHz band etc.

◆ Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I or V2X) Communications

  • The antennas are used for V2V and V2I or V2X communications to communicate safety information, and for ETC payment among other uses.
  • Generally, the antennas use communication standards called DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication).
  • Frequencies are 5850-5925MHz in the US, 5855-5925MHz and 5470-5725MHz in Europe, and 5770-5850MHz in Japan. In Japan, communications between V2V and V2I or V2X, using 755-765MHz, are expected to increase, in addition to DSRC.

◆ Wi-Fi and WiMAX

  • The antennas send and receive various information using internet connections.
  • The frequencies are 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band.

◆ TV

  • The antennas are used to view terrestrial digital broadcasts and support both Full Seg and 1 Seg.
  • The frequencies are 470-710MHz in Japan, and 174-230MHz and 470-860MHz in Europe and China.

◆ Bluetooth

  • The communication connecting smartphones and audio devices in a car.
  • The frequency is 2.4GHz band.

◆ Remote Keyless Entry

  • Enables locking and unlocking keys by wireless communications using NFC (Near Field Communication).
  • The frequencies are 125-135kHz, 13.56MHz, 2450MHz and 860-960MHz.