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Rod Type

  • Mast Length: 18 cm
  • Mast Length: 30 cm


  • Both passive antennas (without amplifier) and active antennas (with amplifier) are available.
  • Various active types (with amplifier) are available.
    • Amplifiers can either be built-in to or separated from antenna base.
    • Available in with or without level control (or AGC, Automatic Gain Control) circuitry.
    • Two power feeding methods are available: via an independent feeder or by phantom power feeding.
  • Mast length: between 10 cm and 80 cm
  • The antennas can be designed to reduce wind noises.
  • The antennas come in two types: the anchored type in which the rod is fixed, or the collapsible type in which the angle of the rod can be adjusted.
  • Based on our patented technology, the antennas can be attached to the car single-handedly, thus improving efficiency of car assembly.
  • The antennas can be composite with various media in addition to radio (e.g. radio with GNSS or digital radio).

  • We offer a wide range of solutions to meet various customer needs as shown below.

The mast can be set up in various lengths

  • Collapsible type which enables adjusting the rod angle

  • Design to reduce wind noises when running on highways

  • Antenna with color added to
    the tip of rod

  • The cover can be installed to match the car body color

Antenna that can be attached to the car fender