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Cable Routing in Cars


  • HARADA excels in routing cables in cars and offers proposals customized to different cars based on its extensive track record.

Coaxial Cables


  • We offer proposals for cable routing customized to different cars.
  • We offer end-to-end solutions from design, development to manufacturing with our in-house capabilities.
  • The cables can be delivered to customers with various connectors attached.
  • The cables can set specifications to prevent rattling sounds.
  • Development period can be reduced while maintaining high quality of products through 3D-CAD modeling.
  • The cables can support multiple media and be designed to meet various needs (e.g. varied impedances or capacities).

CCA Cables


  • CCA stands for Copper Clad Aluminum.
  • The core of braided wire uses aluminum while copper cladded on the outer that enables lighter weight, by using less copper.
  • Features are sustained owing to skin effect of high-frequency waves.

STP Cables


  • STP stands for Shielded Twisted Pair, and STP cables can transfer massive data at high speed.
  • While mainly used in transferring USB or camera data, they can also transfer massive data of other various media.

Connectors Assembly


  • Various connectors are covered and can be assemblied.
  • Connectors other than those listed on the right are also supported.