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Basic Approach

HARADA is keenly aware of our social responsibilities and making great efforts to further improve ourselves for the sake of serving customers with truly impressive quality and safety.

  • Quality of Management
    HARADA perceives "quality" as an exceptionally important element in our management. To boost customer satisfaction further, we efficiently operate our Quality Management System with top-down approaches.
    We educate and train our people systematically and continuously to upgrade their skills and technical competence crucial for operating the system.
  • Quality of Services
    HARADA swiftly and sincerely serves customers, with our plants and sales offices obtaining international certificates, including IATF 16949 (previous ISO/TS 16949).
    Accordingly, every customer can be served with uniformly high-quality products and services from any of our locations.
  • Quality of Products
    HARADA develops products through examining product specification adequacy and evaluating reliability, in line with our Quality Management System (QMS). Our products are produced by highly skilled workers always aware of customers and at our production sites, with the established QMS.

Quality Improvement Committee

HARADA is committed to continually improving quality with an enterprise-wide, organized committee to pursue better quality.

Analyzing and Testing Equipment

  • Thermal Shock Testing Equipment

  • Combined Climatic and
    Dynamic Testing Equipment

  • Weather Resistance
    Testing Equipment

Precision Measuring Instrument

  • 3D Measuring Instrument

  • 3D Shape Measuring Instrument

  • Hazardous Element
    X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer