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Environmental Activities

Basic Environmental Principle

Harmony with nature is at the core of HARADA's management policy, and as a supplier and distributor of automobile products, we contribute to developing a sound and prosperous society through our business activities.

Basic Environmental Policy

  • We strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change (carbon neutrality), conserve resources, reduce waste and increase 'green purchases' under our Guidelines of Action to recycle, reuse, save resources and reduce weight.
  • We set an environmental protection related theme in accordance with our management policy, reflect it on our management and promote awareness in protecting biodiversity and ecosystem.
  • We develop and deliver products that reduce environmental loads and meet customer and market needs.
  • While ensuring institutional adherence to environmental laws and regulations, as well as demands of customers, we aim to prevent environmental pollution and also actively control, reduce, and replace hazardous substances.
  • We set objectives and targets in accordance with our environmental policy, facilitate our environmental management system, and periodically review and constantly enhance our activities.
  • We disseminate our environmental policy to all directors and employees, thereby promoting understanding and awareness of environmental protection.
  • We disclose our environmental policy.

April 1, 2022
Takashi Aoki
Environment Preservation Committee

Environmental Management

◆ Organization


◆ Acquisition of ISO14001 Certifications

Starting with HARADA INDUSTRIES (EUROPE) LIMITED in April 2000, the following group companies have acquired the ISO14001 certification.

List of companies that have acquired ISO14001 certifications
Company Scope of Registration Certification Body Date of Acquisition Certificate
Development and sales of antenna for automobiles and information telecommunications field and its peripherals JSA August 2001 PDF
Niigata Headquarters
The design / development and manufacture of antenna for motor vehicles and communication apparatus JQA April 2001 PDF
DALIAN HARADA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Manufacture and sales of manual & automatic antenna for automobile, coaxial relay of automobile antenna, air control actuator of automobile BV June 2006 PDF
HARADA INDUSTRIES VIETNAM LIMITED Manufacture of car antennas, extension cable and their accessories BV April 2002 PDF
HARADA INDUSTRIES (MEXICO), S.A. DE C.V. Design and manufacturing of coaxial cable, electric cable, electrical & electronic antennas, extensions and actuators for original equipment for automotive customers SAI
April 2005 PDF
HARADA INDUSTRY OF AMERICA, INC. Registration covers the Environmental Management System for the sales, design and distribution of antennas, hidden systems and actuators for automotive customers AVU October 2011 PDF
HARADA INDUSTRIES (EUROPE) LIMITED The procurement, repackaging and supply of automotive antenna BSI April 2000 PDF
SHANGHAI HARADA NEW AUTOMOTIVE ANTENNA CO., LTD. Design and manufacture of antennas for automobile and mobile phone SGS November 2005 PDF
HARADA AUTOMOTIVE ANTENNA (PHILIPPINES), INC. Manufacture of cables, amplifiers, antenna elements and manual antenna for automobiles SGS October 2000 PDF

◆ Environmental Education Programs

We deliver our products to automakers across the world. All automakers are subject to the directive of the European Union addressing the end of life for automotive products (ELV Directive) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS Directive).

In order to comply with these regulations, we have launched initiatives in reducing and abolishing the use of hazardous substances.

In reducing and abolishing Substances of Concern (SOC), it is imperative to ensure cooperation not only within our Group, but also among our suppliers, who provide parts and materials to us.

We, therefore, have been conducting sessions since March 2005, targeting local suppliers at each of our production bases to present our plans and initiatives in reducing and abolishing SOC (including requesting submission of certificates of non-inclusion of specified substances etc.). With the cooperation of our suppliers, we are complying fully with laws and regulations.

Session on initiatives to abolish SOC