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AM/FM Roof Mount Antenna

Harada has developed a range of roof mount antenna with mast lengths from 200 mm to 400 mm that can mount to any roof application. Having matching circuitry ensures good quality RF reception.  Harada uses the latest amplifier technology available to offer minimal degradation to RF reception in both weak field and strong field areas.

The products can be manufactured with or without level control and can operate on either phantom or a separate 12v power feed.

AM/FM Active Fender Mount Antenna

Harada has developed an active fender mount antenna that can mount to any fender on the vehicle.  The amplifier package mounts below the vehicle sheet metal to aid in customer styling preferences.  These products also contain patented “one-hand install” features to increase ease of assembly. 

This family of antennas allow for shorter mast rod lengths while still maintaining a high level of performance. Harada produces a range of amplifier products in varying sizes to meet customer packaging requirements. For improved performance in strong field situations, amplifier modules residing below the vehicle sheet can be supplied with level control circuitry.

AM/FM Passive Antenna

Harada has been a long time supplier/manufacturer of high quality passive rod antenna’s for AM/FM reception.  Flexible rod masts screw into a number of different base sizes/shapes that can be at fixed angles or hinged to meet customer needs.

Mast lengths are typically from 500 mm to 800 mm and can be adjusted for both styling and performance.  The mast can also be designed with features to eliminate wind noise at highway speeds. 

These passive mast antenna’s are a cost effective yet reliable  solution for budget minded customers.